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An explanation of the whole killjoys/California 2019 storyline, for those of you still trying to catchup or for those of you who need a good answer when your parents ask “What is a killjoy?” (any of you who would like to add a point, correct me, or ask other stuff I should answer, please do. This is just from what I’ve gathered so far, so I may be missing things.)

 It’s 2019 in the California Desert. An unknown disaster (war? A natural disaster?) has taken place and now we are in the post-apocalyptic Californian desert. The government is run by a company called BLI industries, located in the heart of Battery City. Their world is literally black and white – their logos, their ray-guns (the primary weapon of choice), their clothes, even the draculoids (masked vampires of sorts) employed by them. Their leader is Korse (played by Grant Morrison in the videos). They market a drug that artificially creates feeling of happiness – eliminating the need to do anything real in life anymore, or experience anything enjoyable. The pills are the main way BLI employs mind control to the masses. (Also used are mind control video with hypnotic designs and a calm female voice saying “everything is perfect” and similar things.) The logo on the pill bottle shows just this – a happy face. BLI has slogans like “we can fix you”, “building a better you”, “everything is perfect” “love is a pill.” This keeps the citizens under their control and blind to what is really going on (reflected by the way the BLI logo is printed as BL/ind).

Those not under the control and on the run from BLI industries are the killjoys. The killjoys are the survivalists, the one trying to bring the truth, no matter how bad it is, thus being a “killjoy” in the literal sense, destroying the notion that everything is perfect as BLI portrays it to be. Their world is dirty, fast, colorful and violent – abandoned buildings, graffiti, brightly colored masks, ray guns and biker jackets. It is unknown if the killjoys are the heroes or the villains – they are just trying to survive and get the truth out there.

One way of doing this is through the illegal radio broadcasts of Dr. Death-Defying (Steve Righ? –yes, the question mark is intentional, part of his name spelling- from the band Mindless Self Indulgence). Dr. Death Defying broadcasts “transmissions” on his pirate radio station, and is accompanied by his assistant – the roller-skating, polka-dot tight –wearing young man named Show Pony. Dr. Death Defying clearly has been though the disaster in some way or another, as he gets around in a motorized wheelchair.

The killjoys are the four members of My Chemical Romance. They have aliases or “killjoy names” (Gerard Way is Party Poison, Frank Iero is Fun Ghoul, Mikey Way is Kobra Kid, and Ray Toro is Jet Star). Posters are up around the city with their four faces on them, covered in a red x and a black bar that reads “exterminate”. They are wanted for a)not cooperating with BLI’s plans of mind control and b) trying to expose BLI for what they really are, thus the reason why they are always on the run. They travel in a vintage Trans-Am that is painted with the widow spider logo, and American flag, and the word VAYA (Spanish for “go”) The car is covered in slogans – the front window reads Bulletproof, the back reads Look Alive Sunshine, and stickers from the radio station are stuck on the back bumper. They travel with an unidentified ten year old girl (played by Grace Jeanette Clark). Her relationship to the killjoys is unknown as of yet – but she seems particularly close to Party Poison, as he is the one who hugs her during the rescue in the SING video and is also the one who opens his eyes and looks at her being kidnapped at the end of the Na Na Na video.

In the “Na Na Na” music video we are introduced to their world. We see ray gun battles between the killjoys and the draculoids. We see Korse in the BLI car (black with the same smiley face logo) and the dracs (a shortened way of saying draculoids) on motorbikes chasing the trans-am. The video ends with a showdown between the killjoys and Korse and the dracs. Korse kidnaps the little girl as a warning to the killjoys for their incompliance with BLI. The killjoys are sprawled out on the ground but Party Poison opens his eyes to see her struggling to get away from a draculoid and Korse delivers a chilling message: “Keep running.”

The next music video, “SING”, takes place immediately after the Na Na Na video. The killjoys break into BLI headquarters to rescue the little girl. They do not enter undetected however, as we see them on the surveillance screens. They are being watched by the draculoids and an Asian woman (played by Airi Isodo and listed as “NewsAGoGo” in the album notes) who is the spokes girl for BLI (www.betterlivingindustries.jp) who are in the same room as the little girl. The killjoys storm the building and rescue the little girl. Before they can leave the building, they fight a battle with the dracs and Korse. Korse pins Party Poison against a wall, smiles, and shoots him. He slumps against the wall. Kobra Kid is shot next and falls to the ground. Fun Ghoul shoves Jet Star and the little girl out the door and blocks the door as he continues fighting. He too, falls from a bullet wound. Jet Star and the little girl make a break for the trans-am but Jet Star is shot. Dr. Death Defying’s van pulls up and the little girl escapes with Dr. Death, Show Pony, and an as yet unidentified woman. The video ends with Party Poison being zipped up in a white body bag and the Asian woman watching Dr. Death’s van drive away.

HOWEVER, it is unknown at this point if the killjoys are dead. We know this storyline is set to be at least a three part music video series. Gerard Way posted a picture online of him in the body bag with the caption “killjoys never die”. A clue, perhaps, to what will happen next. There is also a line in the song “Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back” from the album that contains the line “We can live forever if you’ve got the time.”

 In real life, My Chemical Romance fans are fully encouraged to be a part of this world. They are encouraged to come up with their own killjoy names and costumes. The fans that were once referred to as the MCRmy are now referring to themselves as killjoys as well. They are encouraged to do away with the black and white and sepia colored world of The Black Parade (MCR’s last album) and to wear color – especially by wearing their masks and killjoy costumes to shows.

The slogan “ART IS THE WEAPON AGAINST LIFE AS A SYMPTOM” pertains to My Chemical Romance’s music in the real world. Using their music as a “weapon” to the current music that is out there, and taking pop music and changing it up and making it fresh and new, so pop is no longer frowned upon as a genre. It can also be used to describe how the use of art keeps a person from having a boring, uneventful life and the importance of creating. (Read almost any current interview with the band and you’ll better understand what they mean.) It also can pertain to the usage of color and life in the killjoys’ world as being a “weapon” against the black and white mind control. The slogan “THE AFTERMATH IS SECONDARY” pertains to the life of the killjoys – do what you have to even if it results in danger or death – and also the concept of BLI using mind control to prevent people from doing things, making a consequence/end result unimportant or “secondary”.

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